About me

About me

Hello friends!

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My name is Nolwen (pronounced nol-when). A little about me… I’m half Colombian and half French. My parents have a beautiful love story of how they met in France and neither of them could speak each other’s language. My father swooped my mother off her feet (she says she knew he was the one after watching him dance Salsa). They got married in Paris and immediately left Europe to live in Southern California, which is where I was born and raised.

In Between

Every couple has a love story. Every story is different. I aim to capture your story through photography. The story of your day, the story of the biggest adventure of your life. I want to bring to life your quirky imagination, your creativity, inspirations and dreams! I want to capture everything in between the lenses and the roses.


I’m inspired by the world around me! My perfect day consists of coffee & english muffins, yoga, and a stroll around a flea market. I love getting lost in epic tales (currently reading “Game of Thrones”). My biggest weaknesses are milk chocolate and Jeffrey Campbell shoes. I love to stay creative in all ways possible, I paint, draw, write, and I’m learning to sew. I’m a daydreamer and a storyteller. A lover of all things vintage. I love my family and my beautiful terrier more anything.


Most of all… you. You inspire me. Your love, your passion, your dreams, and your journey through life together. I am so excited to meet you.